31st May 2019

Summer BBQ essentials

BBQ family

There’s nothing we love more in Britain than a good old barbecue, and with summer fast approaching many of us will be looking forward to cooking as many burgers and sausages as we can! Come rain or shine, we’ll be there in the garden munching our way through a few barbequed delights with friends and family.

To help you in your quest to host the perfect barbie, here are a few of our essentials, which you can pick up from most local Central stores:

The ‘main course’ – the meat

Obviously, a BBQ wouldn’t be a BBQ without some meat! If sausages and burgers are just a bit to simple for you, spice it up with some chicken, pork or perhaps even some ribs.

A little of the healthy stuff

Give your BBQ a healthy balance, with a bowl of fresh green salad or a nice pot of coleslaw.

Added sauce

What’s your condiment of choice? We couldn’t be without tomato ketchup, but maybe it’s brown sauce or mayonnaise for you!

Snacks while you wait

Have some crisps and snacks on hand just in case your barbeque chef is taking a little longer than you’d like to get the food ready! See our offers page, for discounted snacks.

Something to water it all down

We all need a drink or two to complement our burger or hot dog. Whatever your drink of choice, make sure you get the beer and soft drinks stocked up in the fridge. Take a look at the drinks we currently have on offer on our offers page.

We hope your summer is filled with many a BBQ! And don’t forget you can find your nearest Central store to stock up on BBQ goodies here.