Central offer three opportunities for the franchisee, each store option individually targeted to the locality



  • Extensive tailored ranges
  • Supporting local suppliers
  • Extensive range of beers, wines & spirits
  • Value for money
  • Great promotions



  • Tailored ranges to meet consumer needs
  • Supporting local suppliers
  • Extensive hot & cold food and drinks
  • Extensive range of beers, wines & spirits
  • Relationships with all major fuel brands



  • Tailored ranges to meet consumer needs
  • Extensive range of newspapers & magazines
  • Wide range of greeting cards & stationery
  • Supporting local suppliers
  • Great promotions

The Franchise Route to Success with Central

The UK’s fastest growing convenience store chain
Open seven days a week, with extended hours, we offer the best national brands, alongside locally sourced products.



At Central we have a team of highly specialised store development managers dedicated to the project management of your store refit. Their aim is to maximise sales/profit and achieve an outstanding store environment.

We offer a range of benefits…from local knowledge and competitor analysis, access to high quality shop fitters and significant supplier support for every refi t through to free staff uniforms and local marketing activity together with a store launch package.

Key Highlights

A store plan is drawn with micro detail on merchandising and equipment specification Access to free equipment including bake-off ovens, minerals chillers, ATM machines, JTI cigarette gantries, rollover hot dogs, coffee machine, slush machines, wine towers, bakery stands, hot food display units, saddle basket promotional units and much much more…

  • Merchandising support
  • Free in-store chiller merchandising kit
  • Bespoke kids sweet unit
  • E-Cig unit
  • Space allocation detail with planograms and modern merchandising solutions
  • Unique ‘visuals’ produced to give images of proposed branding and imagery. Fascia can be personalised to your store. Large choice of graphics available
  • Highly skilled merchandising team on every refit
  • Fully incorporated EPOS installation and training. Ongoing dedicated support for EPOS to maximise sales and profit




One of the key components to every successful retail operation is the strength of its marketing and promotions. At Central we offer local marketing activities and new store launch packages together with industry leading promotions every three weeks.

Our substantial POS kits are an integral part of the Central offer and are free to franchisees. The kits include posters, promotional leaflets, shelf-talkers, planograms, epos stripping and general in-store theatre for seasonal displays.

Key Highlights

A store plan is drawn with micro detail on merchandising and equipment specification Access to free equipment including bake-off ovens, minerals chillers, ATM machines, JTI cigarette gantries, rollover hot dogs, coffee machine, slush machines, wine towers, bakery stands, hot food display units, saddle basket promotional units and much much more…

  • Free promotional point of sale kits and ongoing support for promotional implementation
  • Free consumer leaflet
  • Free wine towers
  • Detailed planograms for each promotion which are updated on an ongoing basis
  • Saddle basket promotional units available free of charge
  • Complete £1 zone range




Our route to market guarantees excellent availability and one of the largest product ranges in the convenience sector.

Our range is extensive with thousands of lines available from our depots and thousands of products through the “Plus Extra” scheme delivered direct to store. At Central we also have our dedicated list of recommended suppliers.

You’ll find our cost prices are extremely competitive as you will benefit from the buying power of the Central managed estate. The price we quote is the exact price you will be charged on the invoice — there are no hidden surcharges.

Key Highlights

  • We can offer six days delivery on main depot and ‘Drop Shipments’ suppliers
  • Our industry leading supply chain offers 98% availability and excellent customer service
  • Rapidly growing own label range
  • Local and national suppliers
  • Large range of fresh produce
  • Full range of planograms for each category and ongoing range support
  • Expert merchandising support for each store
  • Information on top selling products




Ongoing support is, we believe, one of the most important aspects of the relationship with our franchisees and it’s this which sets us apart from our competitors.

Because we are a focused regional brand you benefit from a ‘hands on’ approach from our directors who take a real and genuine interest in making your business prosper. In turn they are supported by dedicated business development managers who are there to grow your sales and profit.

The managed estate is also a great tool for support and advice with the managers and staff alike willing to support franchisees. Our team at our head office are always willing to help and advise.

Key Highlights

  • Every franchise store receives a free, new fully-equipped two-till and back office EPOS system including full installation
  • You will have a 24/7 helpline
  • Expert training manager support for key back office operations
  • Operations and staff training
  • State of the art reporting structures
  • Dedicated store development team including project managers and skilled merchandisers





‘‘We needed better margins and re-energising’’

David and Karen Allen, Bearminster, Dorset

“My old symbol group was tired,” admitted David Allen, who, with his wife Karen, runs Central at Hogshill Stores in Dorset’s Beaminister. ‘‘We wanted re-energising and I must say we’re delighted with the Central approach.”

“The key thing for us is that we genuinely feel we’re in a real partnership and I really value the input from the Central directors who have vast experience in the sector.”

David, who’s been in the sector for five years after moving down to Dorset from London where he was a sales manager, said: “In my view the symbol groups have very much a wholesaler’s perspective which to be honest isn’t much good to us. I’m a retailer and I want the retailer’s perspective – and that’s exactly what Central offers. “We find it invaluable. Suffice to say with excellent prices, consistent promotions and marketing innovations our margins are excellent.”



‘‘We enjoy a genuine partnership with Central’’

Nathan Adams, Dorchester

Nathan has a 1100 sq ft store in Dorchester which has been in the family since 1942. He joined Central in March 2015 from a major symbol group and is already seeing massive benefits with excellent increases in sales and margin.

While there is significant competition, the store maintains excellent customer loyalty with everyone impressed by the Central refit and branding – the store is known locally as Central @ Adams Family Store.

Nathan said: “What we like is that we’re in a real partnership. Crucially we have better terms with suppliers; a much improved product range and superior promotional activity. A new EPOS system has been introduced which gives us far better control, improved sales data and greater efficiency.”

Ongoing, Nathan is working closely with the Central team to help shape the franchise model, and his staff and ‘core’ back office team benefit from the Central training programme.



‘‘Central’s support and guidance has been teriffic’’

Aidan and Julia McDonald, Bruton, Somerset

Not ones to do things by halves, Aidan and Julia McDonald not only moved down from London to the small Somerset town of Bruton but bought a small convenience store into the bargain – never having been in retail before!

They got to work straight away and began a major transformation of their premises under the expert guidance of Central with a new counter, chiller cabinet, branding and EPOS system.

Aidan and Julia never missed a beat and continued trading throughout the refurbishment from a temporary shop at the rear of the premises. The transformation was complete with the launch of a new Post Office and the inclusion of new dedicated customer parking.

“It’s been a huge learning curve,” said Aidan, who was formerly in the university sector along with Julia. “But it’s been worth every minute. I must say Central has been really supportive and we’ve benefitted from its vast experience. We chose Bruton because we see it as an affluent, up and coming location and our choice is beginning to pay off with an increase in margin of 3% and sales up 17%.”