Bestway Retail Limited



This statement is for Bestway Retail Limited (“Bestway Retail”) pursuant to section 54(6) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) and represents the statement for the financial year ending on 30th June 2018.

Our commitment

Bestway Retail is part of the Bestway Group of companies with the ultimate parent company being Bestway Group Limited. Bestway Retail fully endorses the aims of the Act and takes a zero tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains and across their business. Bestway Retail is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking within its own business and in its transactions with other businesses.

Our structure

Bestway Retail is the UK’s largest franchised off licence and convenience chain with more than 700 retail stores primarily operated by over 300 franchisees and predominantly trading under the fascias of Bargain Booze, Bargain Booze Select Convenience, Select Convenience; Wine Rack and Central Convenience Stores.

Our suppliers

Bestway Retail purchases products that are sourced from around the world. It is committed to acting ethically and expect all of their suppliers to make the same commitment. The company will address any failures by its suppliers to meet its standards on a case by case basis and ultimately may lead to Bestway Retail ceasing to trade with any such supplier.

Within our business

  • Bestway Retail has a number of policies and procedures that demonstrate compliance with UI( Employment Law including: Anti-Bribery Policy, Dignity at Work Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy and Whistleblowing Policy. All of the policies and procedures are available from the HR Department and are also available to employees in the shared HR folders on the company’s computer system.
  • Bestway Retail has created a multi-functional team to ensure compliance with the Act.
  • Bestway Retail has introduced an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.


Bestway Retail positively encourages employees to report any unlawful activity and/or any activity which may be in breach of policies and procedures through the Whistleblowing Policy. This includes any circumstances which may give rise to an enhanced risk of slavery of human trafficking.

Next Steps

The Board of Directors of Bestway Retail have ultimate responsibility for the implementation of policies and procedures, including those related to ethical trading and modern slavery.

  • Bestway Retail will aim to improve the awareness and understanding of modern slavery and human trafficking across the business by appointing Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking champtions as ‘AS Champions’ from different functions to review compliance with the Act.
  • Bestway Retail will expand the multi-functional team to include the AS Champions to review business processes.


This statement has been considered and approved by Bestway Retail’s Board of Directors on behalf of Bestway Retail, who will review and update it annually.


For and on behalf of Bestway Retail Limited